Sperm Whale capsizes boat of would-be rescuers; one drowns

14 03 2007

I’ve said plenty about people slaughtering whales, wolves, and rattlesnakes over the past few days, but here’s video of a Sperm Whale that capsized the boat of some of its attempted rescuers, killing one of them;

This should remind us that just because a particular government engages in an unethical practice (i.e. whaling), it does not mean that all the individuals do not care about the animals or share the same view. When I first heard the story I thought “They’re trying to get another whale? Sheesh,” but in truth the whale had strayed into a bay and (according to this news report) the fishermen were trying to drive back towards deeper water.


Whales sing in dialects

8 03 2007

Not surprising, but exciting that it’s being confirmed; whales sing in different “dialects.” It’s of little wonder that different populations have different types of calls, and that calls vary between individuals within the dialect, but I’m very excited that this is being empirically confirmed and studied. It’s well known that birds have different dialects depending on where they are from, so why should it be any different for whales? I find it encouraging no longer are animals just lower beings on the scala naturae, but are afforded emotions and intelligence once thought to be the sole property of Homo sapiens.