It’s going to be a long weekend in NC

5 10 2007

I know I plug the upcoming NC Science Blogging Conference quite a bit (if you haven’t registered yet, get on it!), but I am really excited to be going. I’m so excited, in fact, that I’m planning on leaving at about 2 AM so I can get down there with plenty of time to visit the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences the day before the conference (a Friday). Even better, the museum has dinosaurs in! The AMNH traveling exhibition Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries will be at the museum, and I’ll definitely appreciate it now that I’ve got a little more background than when I first saw it. I definitely want to make sure I visit Willo and the Acrocanthosaurus skeleton, too, although I wish I had more time during that weekend so I could stop to see the Giganotosaurus mount and Cryolophosaurus skull at the Maryland Science Center on the way to or from NC.

Still, I really am looking forward to the conference, and remember, if you’ve seen something here on Laelaps that you especially enjoyed, please submit it for consideration to the next edition of The Open Laboratory (see the purple tab on the right sidebar).



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5 10 2007
Zach Miller

Brain, I ask that you read my ridiculously long post, “Evolution for Dummies,” and let me know what you think. I’m trying to turn it into a lecture series, and I’d love some feedback.

5 10 2007
Anton Zuiker

Glad to know you want to visit the museum – they’ll be a host for on of the pre-conference science lab tours on Friday, so if you want a behind-the-galleries visit to the museum, be sure to sign up for that tour.

6 10 2007
Bora Zivkovic

NC Museum is awesome. I used to volunteer there many years ago and I took my kids there often. But I have not been in a while. Perhaps the traveling Dino exhibit will be a good excuse to go down to Raleigh again soon. And yes, Willo and Acro are awesome!

6 10 2007

Aside from the dinos, you’re not missing much at the MSC, Brian, unless you’re a huge fan of IMAX.

There are better reasons to go to Baltimore.

17 04 2010

I’ll hold the opposite opinion

5 01 2012
basketball reffing hand signals

Thanks again for the blog. Great.

23 10 2014


It’s going to be a long weekend in NC | Laelaps

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