Finally, the BIG news…

4 10 2007

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had some big news regarding the future of Laelaps. The notion that things were soon going to change caused a little bit of speculation, but despite my desire to tell everyone the news, I felt it best to keep things under my hat until my new plans were fully developed. This brings us to the good news and the bad news;

The bad news; Laelaps, as it now appears on, will no longer exist. Extinction is an unpredictable process, and so it has claimed this blog.

The good news; It’s really a pseudoextinction because Laelaps has evolved, and soon you’ll be able to watch it adapt in it’s new surroundings over at ScienceBlogs! Thanks to the support of many excellent bloggers (and the ever-increasing amounts of traffic and comments from readers like you), a prediction made by my friend Chris Harrison last February has now come to fruition and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

It’ll take me a little while to get the new blog up and running (I have a Soils & Water test this afternoon so I can’t just stay home and blog, as much as I would like to), but soon I’ll post an announcement when Laelaps has been sufficiently acclimated to it’s new habitat and is ready for viewing.



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4 10 2007

Yaaay! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing you in your new home!

4 10 2007
Evolution » Blogospherics

[…] Laelaps is now moving to!!! If you like it, share it! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

4 10 2007

Wow–congratulations! That’s awesome, and I know you’ll have a great time doing it.

4 10 2007
Zach Miller

Holy crap! Congratulations, Brian! That’s incredible news. Out of curiosity, how long did it take the ScienceBlog committee to get back to you? I sent my request awhile back, and they never got back to me…:-(

4 10 2007
Will Baird

Congratz, Brian! My suggestion is that you leave laelaps here up for archival reasons. That way everyone’s links to specific articles won’t 404.

4 10 2007

Thanks everyone! And no fear, Will; Laelaps will still be up here (I just won’t update it very much). I’ll eventually import the old stuff over to the new blog, but Laelaps v. 1 will remain.

4 10 2007
Hairy Museum of Natural History » New Dinosaurs and websites

[…] finally, it looks like Laelaps is making the leap over to Congrats to Brian Switek, who’s done an […]

4 10 2007
Darren Naish

Congrats Brian, excellent news! Maybe now I won’t feel so lonely 🙂

4 10 2007
Chris Harrison

Damn, I am badass. If only I could concentrate as much on blogging as on my predictions..

Brian, you earned it, so congratulations that your hard work has paid off.

4 10 2007
Mike from Ottawa

Oh, rats. The job’s filter let’s this blog through, but not scienceblogs. Another one bites the dust.

4 10 2007

CONGRATULATIONS, LAELAPS! Maybe someday, my dinosaur blogs will appear on scienceblogs, too!

4 10 2007

Oh man, Sb is snapping everyone up. Kinda makes me think that I’m missing out on all the fun! 😉


4 10 2007
Three things. « Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist’s Fairy Tale

[…] lastly, good news! Laelaps is moving to! Maybe someday, this blog along with my sister blog will appear on scienceblogs, […]

4 10 2007

Wow, thanks for the compliments everyone! I’m definitely thankful that so many of you have been so supportive and picked up on this blog when it was still struggling to get out of it’s “shell.” Now that it’s left the nest though, I can only imagine what lies ahead.

Mike; I’m sorry that SB doesn’t work for you, but if you really can’t read my new entries, let me know and I’ll try to e-mail them to you. I might not be able to send all the illustrations I normally put up, but I can set up some kind of mailing list for people who can’t read the new blog for whatever reason.

Darren; I hope I prove to be good company; you’ve given me a lot to live up to! I am constantly in awe of Tet Zoo, and I definitely appreciate the kind words.

Of course, this has to be the week where I don’t have internet access during the evenings, but everything will be go for the new blog by Monday (and I’ll still write/update here when I can). This weekend looks like it’s going to be packed, what with the anthro conference, possibly seeing the Walking With Dinosaurs show, and trying to finish up the book I’m reading about Megalania, but at least that means that I’ll have plenty of stuff to write about when the move is complete!

4 10 2007
John Pieret

Many congratulations.

4 10 2007

congrats…sb will benefit by having you on board….although I do like the overall look of your blog, the ScienceBlog blogs don’t have that aesthetic appeal that makes really good blogs even better (and unique from each other)….but, that’s a little nit-picky thing….overall, it’s a good move for Laelaps

4 10 2007

I knew it! That was the first thing I suspected when you hinted at a forthcoming change. Congratulations, can’t wait to see you in your new “home,” you have definitely earned a spot of honor on SB, I am amazed at how you manage work and school AND such in depth, well researched posts! Well done my friend!

4 10 2007

Oh, man, when I read your take-down on horse evolution, I became a fan. I think this is great news, cause now you will get even wider distribution. And you get to get in on on all the secret confabs in New York.

4 10 2007

Congrats! That’s a great endorsement of your superb posts. I’ll definitely continue to be a regular at your scienceblogs-land!

4 10 2007

Whoa… That’s a pretty substantial move. They’ve got quite a community over at Scienceblogs. Congrats.

5 10 2007
Mike from Ottawa


“Mike; I’m sorry that SB doesn’t work for you, but if you really can’t read my new entries, let me know and I’ll try to e-mail them to you.”

Thanks, but don’t worry. It just means I won’t be able to read Laelaps at work but will do so at home, as I do reasonably regularly anyway. I’d just got used to reading it at work, where I find some of the more challenging blogs are good for short breaks from work to get my brain running again (bureaucracy isn’t as exciting as it’s made out to be and that’s saying something!).

BTW, the horse evolution posts were particularly excellent.

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