Dino News that I don’t have time to blog about (yet)

4 10 2007

So many fossils, so little time. Luckily the blogosphere is abuzz with paleo-nerds like myself, and there’s been plenty to talk about (especially since this is conference season). My ethical palaeontologist friend Julia has got the scoop about the new hadrosaur Gryposaurus monumentensi (as well as some good commentary about the quality of the new paper about the dinosaur vs. dinosaur “announcements” in Science and Nature), and the all-star team of Darren Naish, Matt Wedel, and Mike P. Taylor has launched a new blog called SV-POW!, featuring plenty of pictures and easy-to-understand descriptions of some of the most amazing structures ever evolved by vertebrates. Matt from the HMNH also wraps up his Synder Quarry series this week (if you haven’t been reading it, you’ve been missing out), complete with some great illustrations of phytosaurs. I’d love to write more about Gryposaurus monumentensi, but I’d be lying if I said my knowledge of ornithischians was even close to adequate to give it the treatment it deserves (plus, I still owe you all my Tyrannosaurus, juvenile sauropod, and Cretaceous N.J. posts). Still, check out the links; there seem to be a growing number of paleo folks running blogs, and I think that’s definitely something to be happy about.



2 responses

4 10 2007

Hi Brian,

The SV-POW seems to be missing it’s tail (!).
Are caudal vertebrae less significant than dorsal & cervical vertebrae?
(Just being a dino-geeko-saurus.)

28 02 2010

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