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30 09 2007

Hello everyone, I’m back! Tracey and I had a good day hiking around Bear Mountain and staying the night at Beaver Pond, although I’m pretty worn out (I think I stained my right leg a bit and I got about 2 hours sleep last night). Still, the trails were pretty nice and I was able to find some mammal remains (one canine, one molar, one rib, one leg bone, and one jaw (with premolars and molars intact) from a small omnivore that I’ll look over in more detail later), so it was a pleasant trip overall. I did notice that the latest edition of The Boneyard did not go up yesterday as planned, however, and after I take a brief nap I’ll work on getting all the links together and posting it here.




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30 09 2007

I’ve always found the first night under canvas is a killer. And if you only have one night camping you come back feeling like ass. After two or three nights you equalise and get a decent rest.

Maybe a lot of that is because I used to take cub scouts camping. The first night they’d be feral, running all round the camp site keeping the leaders up. So the second night we’d keep them up and send a pack of zombies home to their parents on Sunday afternoon.

9 05 2011

Hi, you have a nice blog. I have a page about animals which, although in Germany but the top left is a menu English but also you can read everything in english. Greetings from Germany 🙂

9 05 2011
Kitten und Katzen

Hi, I like your blog, I have BKH and Scottish Fold, just look at my homepage. Best regards from Lower Saxony (Germany)

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