Instead of a rant

28 09 2007

I started writing a rant today about my day job, subjected to annoying office gossip every Friday afternoon since I have a cubicle rather than an actual office like most of the people at my workplace. Once I started writing it, however, I decided that it was rather pointless and I don’t really want to write up something that’s essentially wasting space. Instead, enjoy this Fountains of Wayne (they hail from New Jersey, from a certain town that starts with a “W” I think…) song that sums things up rather nicely entitled “Hey Julie”;

And now that I think of it (and can’t think of much to write about at the moment), here’s some other music that’s been on my Shuffle as I’ve gone back and forth to class this week;

Ben Folds – “Bastard”

Weezer – “The Good Life”

Protest the Hero – “Heretics and Killers”

Thrice – “Deadbolt”

New Found Glory – “Failure’s Not Flattering”

The Living End – “Who’s Gonna Save Us?”

Bad Religion – “Honest Goodbye”

Those are the ones I could find videos for at least. Believe it or not, there was a time when I’d play guitar and focus on writing songs more than I read science books (or any books), and even though I still pick up my telecaster every now and then, I’ve somewhat outgrown my indie rockstar dreams. Still, maybe someday I’ll record some of the old songs I have lying around (although some updates to the lyrics would definitely be needed), and if I can I’ll upload some of my old demos when I get the chance.



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28 09 2007

Jim (husband) says: “There is only a Tele.” He encourages you to spend more time playing guitar and writing songs.

(We have a Tele and a ginormous Vox amp as the focal point of our living room.)

29 09 2007
kevin z

I always thought I was going to be a rockstar and never studied science in high school. I only took a year of “basic science” and my C one semester in chemistry and F in the next evened out to a D for the year so I passed. I stopped playing guitar for many years after a failed try at working in the music industry. I only recently picked it up again when I started grad school. Though for some reason I can’t get into real songwriting yet, I’ve been playing my favorite songs for my own comfort.

When I started my blog over at The Other 95%, I started to write silly songs about invertebrates which has gotten to be pretty popular with my readers. Why not get back into it by writing songs about your favorite spined ones? Or songs about science in general?

16 12 2010
Eliana Lahrman

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12 07 2011

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15 09 2011

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