Cool Animal Meme

27 09 2007

An interesting animal I had

Chase accompanying me on the couch

I’ve had a number of pets over the years (mostly lizards, frogs, and fish), but the most “interesting” animal I’ve ever kept is one of the cats that has been living in my apartment since this time last year. Born in 2000, Chase the cat was born to a feral mother but taken in by a large family who were friends of the woman who was later to become my wife. In 2005, when I came into the picture and visited the family now and then, I would find Chase and pet him for a little while, although it seemed Chase was a little neurotic. Eventually the family got a poodle, and the poodle decided it liked to play with Chase (I don’t think I need to tell you how Chase felt, being swatted at by a big black dog), and something had to change. So my wife and I took Chase in, but he’s definitely a strange cat . I’m the only person he is affectionate towards, so if his food bowl is empty while my wife is home he won’t let her know, but the moment I walk in the door he runs to his food bowl and starts crying. If you ever meet me, you’re likely to see little white hairs all over my clothes despite my best attempts to remove them, as well; Chase sheds nearly constantly, to the point where I wonder why he’s not bald by now. Chase also enjoys foods I didn’t think any cat liked; he’ll eat watermelon, grapes, and duct tape (although I’ve prevented this whenever he’s tried). He also licks windowsills for fun and likes to stand in front of the AC at night, but to prevent myself from going into a long post about my cat’s strange behavior Chase is definitely the most interesting animals I’ve ever had.

An interesting animal I ate

Do all the spiders I’ve probably eaten in my sleep count? My family was not especially interested in exotic dishes, so meat usually equaled chicken, turkey, or beef (sometimes fish). I did try escargot once, but the most interesting animal I’ve ever eaten will probably be a mystery to me (it was likely found inside a hot dog casing).

An interesting animal in the Museum

Just one? At the moment I would pick Amphicyon, one of the “bear dogs” of the Oligocene-Miocene (many being found in North America). I have another picture, which is unfortunately on another computer, of the skeleton caught in the light of a fading winter day, the light glinting off the teeth of the specimen pictured below. As some others have mentioned in previous comment threads, there’s little doubt that skeletal remains of this animal gives a few children nightmares.

The crushing jaws of Amphicyon.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Two summers ago I went to Ocean City, Maryland with Tracey to go shark tagging. Although I was seasick for most of the trip, I did catch a juvenile Dusky Shark that I helped to tag and release. Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting animal encounters in the future that are a bit less traumatic for the creature.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

I actually haven’t seen that many exciting animals in their “natural habitat.” Growing up in suburbia, squirrels, chickadees, white-tailed deer, and the occasional opossum or raccoon were the most I could hope for. Even now, most of the wildlife I photograph is confined to zoos, but I definitely want to see as many of the big cats as possible in the wild. Actually, one of my goals is to get to the Okovango Delta in Botswana, either to study or to merely photograph and observe, as I’m very much interested in how populations of animals there differ from populations elsewhere in Africa. Maybe someday…

I was tagged by Bora, and I tag Julia, Greg, Neil, Zach, and Kate (but feel free to pick it up if you wish to do so).



5 responses

27 09 2007
Zach Miller

Another meme! ARGH! I’ll take a picture of my lizards today, then post my responsive meme. Your cat is adorable, by the way. Do you have multiple cats? If so, any suggestions for getting two cats to get along? The wife and I just got a second cat, and she (Gizmo) is really NOT liking our first cat (Catsby). I hope they eventually just work it out…

27 09 2007
Bora Zivkovic

When we renovated two weeks ago, our three cats spent 4 days at the vet, in adjacent cages. Since they came back home, they are much less territorial and much more likely to be found withing the same few square feet. They are sometimes even, gasp, NICE to each other.

27 09 2007

Could be worse, Zach; I could be sending you MIMES, hahaha. Ok, that was bad…

I have 3 cats (Chase, Beatrice, and Charlotte), and the key is multi-cat formulated kitty litter. Seriously, though, how old are the cats? What are their sexes? It’s usually best to get kittens when you have an older cat since the older cat can show the kitten who’s boss a little and the relationship will have the limits set. Older cats together don’t get along so well and it takes some time to work out; Chase hates Beatrice and used to hiss at her all the time, but now it’s not so bad (even though he doesn’t like her). Feeding them from separate bowls in different parts of the house might help too, as food aggressiveness can be a real issue. Rearranging some furniture might help to as it’ll be “new” to the cats, therefore old territory boundaries go away (although sometimes this can cause a little more fighting). I don’t know how long you’ve had both, but they’ll probably eventually get used to it, or at least learn to avoid each other.

27 09 2007
Zach Miller

Yeah, we think Catsby (our first cat) is 8 or so; Gizmo is 5 (I’m really not sure how they age a cat at the shelter). We’re keeping Gizmo quarentined in the office with a child-proof gate in the doorway so that she and Catsby don’t fight. They will often stare at each-other from across the doorway, hissing and growling. I’ve noticed that Gizmo is always the first to start hissing, but Catsby will always “lunge” first. *sigh*
They are being fed in separate bowls (in separate rooms) and they have separate litter boxes. I let Gizmo out to wander the house while Catsby is napping in our bedroom, and it’s getting to the point where Gizmo is pretty comfortable in the house, although she’ll still run back to the office when she’s surprised at something.
I don’t want to take the gate down until the two stop being aggressive behind the gate. I’ve thought about tossing them both in an empty room and closing the door so that they care work out their differences right there, but I’m sure they’d kill each other if I did that.

28 09 2007
Bob McGuire

We all love our dogs and I love my dog Scamp. We have a lot of fun together. Because of that I decided to start a Doggie Photo Contest on my very popular Web Page. Please take some time out and enter a picture of your dog. It does not matter what breed or age. It is all for fun. Your privacy is protected. Have fun. Follow the photo contest link.

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