When your dials are pupilated…

21 09 2007

Drop what you’re doing; Neil has one of the most singularly excellent posts I have ever seen up over at microecos about the eyes of the Aye-Aye, a very rare and bizarre endangered strepsirhine primate that is truly unusual (and, although the “rodent-like” characters of the Aye-Aye are likely derived characters, famous morphologist W.E. le Gros Clark suggested in The Antecedents of Man, truly shows that primates evolved from animals like shrews). [Many thanks to those in the comments that corrected my bad phrasing] There is such a thing as being too bizarre, however, and even though habitat loss is a huge problem for these animals, so is the local mythology; the aye-aye is so weird that local legends deem them to be evil creatures, and they are often killed to prevent them as they are seem as symbols of death and evil. Now that’s enough of my yammering; check out Neil’s essay, post haste!



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21 09 2007

If you are interested in reading more of these criticisms… that darwinism leads to racism… Here is the link to the “debate”: Darwinism and Racism debate on Xanga That’s a link to the specific blog where, just scroll down to see the comments.

23 09 2007

Thanks for the kind words Brian and the linkage! Your comments make me wonder how much of the ‘rodentiness’ of Daubentonia is retained from the stem ‘euarchontoglire’ and how much is more recent specialization related to the aye-aye’s unique lifestyle. Either way, I think the animal has a lot to teach us about primate origins…Thanks again!

23 09 2007
Christopher Taylor

I’d say that the ‘rodentness’ is definitely a derived feature, not ancestral. The Lemuriformes (including Daubentonia) are undoubtedly monophyletic, and are the sister-group to Lorisiformes, so Daubentonia is snugly nestled within a whole bunch of more ordinary-looking primates.

13 03 2012
Ty Blailock

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