A wasted Sunday…

16 09 2007

Hello everyone! Just a few notes on this rather “brisk” Sunday afternoon;

Yesterday I, along with my compatriots Tim and Victor, visited the Renaissance Fair Faire in Tuxedo New York (there’s still one more weekend to go see it if you’re in the area). I brought along the camera so I’ll have some photos up soon for your enjoyment (I would do it now, but ever since I updated Firefox on this aged iBook things haven’t been going quite right and WordPress freaks out when I try to upload the pictures).

After the festival my friends and I headed back to Clark to regroup before heading over the Cranford to see a free concert. We missed Chuck Berry (I didn’t know he was still alive, honestly) and Fountains of Wayne (damn!), but we did catch Live’s set. They were ok; I wanted them to essentially play Throwing Copper from beginning to end, but most of the songs were more in the vein of “adult contemporary” than alternative. Still, it was still pretty good and I won’t complain too much about a free show.

A few more books arrived this weekend as well; a three books about dinosaurs by Edwin Colbert and (a purchase I was much more excited about) Xenozoic Tales Vol. 1: After the End. I had never seen Mark Schultz’s comic since I had never been able to find it, but I was able to snag this copy for about $14.00 and it was well worth it. Infinitely better than the “Cadillacs & Dinosaurs” cartoon (see the video below) and arcade game, Schultz’s work is a must-read for any fan of paleo fiction. I don’t think I’ll be able to read the 2nd volume anytime soon, however, as the remaining copies for sale are prohibitively expensive.

Autumn is really starting to take hold, however, and the drop in temperature/shortened photoperiod is affecting my mood more than usual this year. I was hoping to squeeze out a few more warm weekends at the shore or in the field, but unless things suddenly heat up again, I don’t think I’ll be taking another dip in the Atlantic until next year. Speaking of strange moods, my thoughts today have turned to Baltimore, MD this afternoon. This is a little odd, but I was watching Black Hawk Down and I had left the room as the film was ending. When the menu screen came up again and started to loop, it started to play a very light, ethereal song primarily featuring a piano and strings, and for whatever reason it reminded me of 1) the time I visited Baltimore with Tracey last year for her birthday on September 30th, and 2) of the time that we visited Baltimore in August the first summer we were dating. There’s no reason that I should directly associate the song with my visits to that city, but the sweeping score calls back to sunset and the long (but pleasant) drive home from the Inner Harbor. Speaking of Baltimore, I definitely want to go back sometime soon and visit the Science Museum again, as the last time I was by (in February of 2005, I think) I was very tired and didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have if I were rested. That trip was also of note as a blizzard struck just as Tracey and I started for home, and much of I-95 in Pennsylvania is not illuminated at night. The drive home took 6-7 hours and was very frightening, so I am a bit leery of going back in the winter (at least without checking the forecast before the trip).

As for the beginning of classes, things are going pretty well, although 1) Precalc is kicking my butt, as predicted, and 2) I fear that I may have to drop one of my “fun” anthro courses. This past week I had to miss a class to take care of something at my job, and I don’t know if Tracey and I will be able to support ourselves if I’m only able to work 15-20 hours a week instead of full time. On the other hand, I’m going to do well in the electives and they’ll provide a big boost to my GPA, so I would be forfeiting that benefit. I know this is not news to anyone who’s done the same, but it really is difficult to try to work as much as possible while trying to stay on top of classes, although my predicament is of my own doing (being I was a lazy student early on, thus digging a really deep hole for myself).

In any event, I’m going to get back to Edwin Colbert’s Men and Dinosaurs, and here’s some outro music that’s been on my playlist quite a bit lately;



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19 09 2007

Xenozoic Tales is definitely a fun little comic, one of my favorites. Schultz has some great storytelling skills, and while the idea of dinosaurs and 50s cars is a little silly, it all seems to come together nicely for some odd reason. It’s a shame that the volumes are so hard to find these days — his artwork in the second volume is simply mind-blowing. Be warned that the series does end mid-story, a result of the publishing company going out of business, but Schultz has apparently said he plans to one day finish it. (He’s been saying that for a while, though.)

Sorry about your classes. I know more than a few couples in your situation, and they’ve had to make sacrifices to fit everything in. One of them decided to put off children until the wife gets through law school. A lot of them are sticking it out, though.

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