8 09 2007

My trip to the Philadelphia Zoo this morning presented lots of great photo ops, especially in the morning. I’ll post more of the plethora (500+) of pictures I took tomorrow, but here’s a bit of a teaser. First, the three male Amur Tiger cubs born recently. The one in the middle really loved his tire;


The male Amur Leopard also was very curious about what I was doing on the other side of the glass, being much more active than on previous occasions when I have visited (expect a larger post on Amur Leopards and their plight in the near future);

Amur Leopard



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9 09 2007

Gorgeous photos as always, Brian!

The Oregon Zoo has a pair of Amur leopards, too–some of the most reliably interactive creatures at the zoo, they always come out to play. The female of the pair has only been there for a few months and they’re still getting used to each other, so there are often all kinds of chasing/wrestling high jinks.

There was an amazing episode of Nature on last week (?) called “Chasing Big Cats.” It was about the filmmakers Owen Newman and Amanda Barrett and the special techniques they developed for filming hard-to-shoot cats, including leopards, servals and caracals. Worth Tivoing or NetFlixing, if either of those are options for you.

20 03 2008
Xaali O'Reilly

Beautiful photographs!!

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