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6 09 2007

*pant**pant**gasps for air* I hope you can see why I haven’t been very active the past few days… Like I said, not much new for those who have been here for a while, but I thought I would try to connect what I’ve learned in a larger context. New material will be coming soon, promise (in the meanwhile, pay Carl Zimmer a visit and learn how Mahakala is bringing sexy back…)

My current school schedule has kept me pretty busy too, although today was a bit unusual. Here are the highlights from the last few days;

At the beginning of my “Fundamentals of Ecological and Envrionmental Modeling” class, the teacher held up a book entitled Calculus for Biology & Medicine; I didn’t know whether the laugh or cry. I sat through the class, jotting down function equations, and then I promptly set off for home and dropped the course.

So, down 4 credits (but still packing 13 total) I went in search of another class to take, hopefully one that would actually boost by GPA. Most of the evolutionary anthropology courses (i.e. Intro to Human Evolution, Social Games, Primate Social Evolution) all conflicted with courses I already had and was loathe to reschedule, but I did manage to find my way into one 3-hour topics course; Topics in the Prehistory of Africa. I missed the first class (d’oh!), but I’m meeting with the professor tomorrow to get the readings and get up to speed for next week.

I had my first Survery of Living Primates class today too, and it looks to be the best class I’ve signed up for yet. I had a brief conversation with the professor about le Gros Clark and Robert Sapolsky after the lecture, and I definitely want to get the most out of the course (although I think I had enough of a background where it should be more fun than anything else).

I had a meeting before lunch to nail down some future plans as well. I won’t divulge all the details as yet, but it looks like I’ll be teaching two lectures (one on Darwin, one of the flaws of intelligent design) at the end of the month. I can hardly wait.

Soils and Society is about as exciting as it sounds, although it is not nearly as difficult as last years “Soils and Water” course. I’m sure I’ll get through just fine, although it meets during the time of the day when I’m usually crashing from my sugar high and I need to fight to stay awake.

This weekend I’m headed to the Philadelphia Zoo, so I hope to have lots of pictures up this weekend. I’ll also be in search of a bookcase to hold the many volumes stacked next to the couch. It will surely be interesting when it comes time to move my library…

It’s odd getting home later than I usually do during the work week; I feel like I have no evening at all. Granted, I read on the bus, in between classes, and in the case of Intro to Computers, during class, but I still feel a bit hurried. Oh well, I don’t suppose there’s much I can do about that.

I am utterly amazed at all the compliments and links this blog has been showered with over the past few days. There are so many people to thank, I simply don’t know where to start. A more formal “thank you” will soon be forthcoming, but I really do appreciate all the support from other writers. Indeed, it’s odd that as soon as I recieved so much attention I had to run off for a day or two, but I hope to be back on track now. Still, as many readers know, I generally suffer from a lack of self-esteem and I always feel a bit behind the curve with what I write; at times I feel that I’m not really adding much to the conversation outside of random noise. I would keep writing no matter what, this blog being a catalog of my thoughts as much as anything else, but it certainly would not be the same without the support from the blogging community at large and the few regular readers/commenters/friends who keep me trying to outdo my previous work. I wish there is something more substantial I could do, but for now, thank you all for everything.

And now to open a can of Pepsi and turn on the Simpsons for a bit until my brain recovers. More of your regularly-scheduled paleo-posting will resume shortly…



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6 09 2007

Don’t feel too bad — there are many of us in the same situation. Not schoolwork maybe, but life can keep you pretty busy. (The last couple weeks in particular have been hectic at this end). I’m always amazed at the depth of research you put into each post, and the quality of your writing. Sometimes I wonder if your head is going to explode from holding all that info…

Also forgot to mention that I liked your post about the “marsupial lion” Thylacoleo. A few years back I actually tinkered with the idea about a novel concerning the discovery of a Thylacoleo in some forgotten corner of Australia, but while I put a lot of research into the animal, I came to realize I knew next to nothing about 1) Australian culture and 2) Australian ecology. It was more research than I was willing to invest at the time. But the animal itself is fascinating, although I thought the term “lion” was always something of a disservice because it truly had no real counterpart among the carnivores.

6 09 2007
Zach Miller

Soil class will require many, many cases of Red Bull. Or my alternative: Mt. Dew. Expect a lengthy post on that new basal Mahakala (love the name) tomorrow, probably, assuming I can get my hands on the paper.

18 10 2007

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