Wednesday afternoon notes

5 09 2007

Just a few quick notes;

1) I didn’t disappear entirely; expect a big essay on convergent and parallel evolution combining many of my recent posts on here lately (it’ll be old hat for regulars, but I still hope it’ll come off alright).

2) Working on a big post all about Tyrannosaurus, although I’m waiting on some books to make sure I get the details of its discovery right. I’m reading I Married a Dinosaur (click the image of Barnum Brown next to the AMNH T. rex) while I’m waiting for Bird’s Bones for Barnum Brown.

3) I finished A Fish Caught in Time and it’s a fair book. It starts off strong, chronicling the discovery of Latimeria, but the later chapters (those primarily dealing with conservation) fizzle out a bit, making more rather ambivalent towards the whole thing. Not a bad book to pass the afternoon with, but it’s no Beak of the Finch.

4) I started on The Antecedents of Man last night and it’s incredibly prescient for it’s time. It draws a lot on the mammal work of G.G. Simpson, but overall it anticipates the modern view of human evolution even though some modern authors have said that the book puts for the ladder-view of human evolution. Some of it can get a little dry (dental formulas aren’t for everyone), but I was quite surprised by how excellent it was.

5) I found out that I’m getting more money back from college than I first though. That might allow me (outside of paying off some debt) to finally replace the desktop computer that burnt out last fall, which could mean more (and better) posts for all of you (I don’t like working on the iBook we currently have).

6) Apparently I can win $10,000 if I enter this College Blogging Contest. I don’t know if I’ll win, but I’ll certainly give it a try (winning a $500 scholarship was how I got started in the first place). [Hat-tip to Terra Sigillata]

7) The buses at Rutgers are all Standing Room-Only, so I need to run if I’m going to catch a bus and not miss class. You would think with all I’m paying they’d provide adequate transportation between campuses, but then you’d be unfamiliar with the RU Screw.



4 responses

5 09 2007

I have seen some absolute drivel on the blogs of students (occasionally including my own!), and I reckon with your epic and extremely well thought-out posts you’ll walk away with the award.

Ah, standing room only… Every day on the Piccadilly Line for me, pressed into some deodorant-phobe’s armpit! What I’d give to be 6’4″ like Paul. Good luck making it to class. Wash U charged $50k in tuition for its undergrads and its buses were lousy too. Had a really nice business school though…

5 09 2007
Chris Harrison

I was going to submit myself for the blogging scholarship, but then I found out my buddy Brian is going to, and there’s no way in hell I’d beat him.

Hope you get it!

6 09 2007

Julia; thanks for the support! If I were a sociologist (and didn’t get motion sickness from the way the drivers slammed on the brakes all the time), I’d ride the Rutgers buses constantly and note all the interactions between people. It’s funny how girls generallly stick together and don’t sit next to guys unless they have to, and many people will leave seats open because of space issues. The same is true of classrooms, the average persons required “personal space” being the width of one seat in the lecture hall. This doesn’t work and many people prefer to sit on the floor than next to a stranger, but it still continues.

Chris; Definitely submit your blog! That way one of us will be likely to win and that’ll be all the better (I don’t care who wins, I’d be glad either way). Shelly of Retrospectacle won a runner-up prize, so I’m hoping I’ve got a shot too. Time will tell, but definitely submit your blog (it’s the best-named blog ever, remember?)

6 09 2007

I started on The Antecedents of Man last night and it’s incredibly prescient for it’s time.

Anybody who doesn’t like The Antecedents of Man should be horsewhipped. IMHO it’s one of the best Paleoanthropology books ever written – but then I’m a Le Gros Clark fan…

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