Pictures from Petsitting and the Delaware Water Gap

28 08 2007

These are a bit long in coming, but here are some photos taken while petsitting a few weeks ago and during the trip to the NJ side of the Delaware Water Gap. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with fungi so I can’t say I know what many of the species pictured are, but many of them were impressive all the same.


This spider was busy building a web outside the house I was staying at a few weeks ago. I’ve never seen an abdomen on a spider like this one has.

Blue Jay

I usually only see Blue Jays during the winter (or at least only remember seeing them during winter), but this one stopped by the bird feeder.


A Cardinal pair also came by, although they were more skiddish and difficult to photograph.



Eastern Goldfinch and Cedar Waxwing were the most common visitors to the feeder, however.

Turkey Vulture

A Turkey Vulture also circled overhead for a while, although it didn’t find anything interesting in the yard.


White-Tailed Deer also came by many times during the day, although the amount of brush and shrubs made them a little hard to photograph.




The second round of summer fawns also came by in the mornings and evenings, usually.


A very large Katydid with a color pattern I hadn’t seen before also paid us a visit, albeid inside the house.

Now on to the photos from the hike along the Appalachian Trail to Sunfish Pond;


Early on we came across these two fighting harvestmen (“daddy long legs”).








Being that the ground was relatively damp, there was fascinating fungi everywhere. The last two shots are among my favorites, and could the “S” on that last one be intelligently designed? (If you are new here, sprinkle the last bit of that sentence liberally with sarcasm)



Once we got up to Sunfish Pond, we were greeted by scores of Bullfrog and Leopard Frog young, which hopped, almost in unison, back into the shallows.


Toads were also present over the entirety of the hike. We counted at least 20 over the 10 miles.

Three Lined

Three Lined

We also saw two Five-Lined Skink (thanks for the correction, Lars) on a log and tree near the pond, the one on the tree have a brilliant blue tail.




Corn Snake

The area that we sat down to lunch at was absolutely full of life as well, from fish and frogs to a small snake that was getting ready to shed.

In all, I’ve been able to get more photographs of NJ wildlife this summer than I have in previous years, and I hope that next year I’ll be able to get some better pictures overall.



9 responses

28 08 2007

As usual, great photos. Thanks for putting those up!

28 08 2007

Have been a bit too busy lately and has been a while since I have stopped in. I enjoy your site. Thanks for sharing the photos!

28 08 2007
Zach Miller

Dang, that’s some awesome wildlife! I wish we had more than one species of frog up here (no reptiles, no other amphibians). I need to visit New Jersey…

28 08 2007
Christopher Taylor

Ermm…. those harvestmen probably aren’t fighting. Though what they’re doing might not be too different depending on your view of things.

The yellow ‘fungus’ could be a myxomycete of some kind. Not sure, though.

Great photos.

28 08 2007

Chris, thanks for the comments. I wasn’t sure what the yellow, squiddy things were, so I just lumped them in with the fungus with the hope that someone would correct me. As for the harvestmen, I did look closely and it definitely wasn’t friendly and there seemed to be no fertilization or invert sex going on. Thanks for the compliment, though!

1 09 2007

Laelaps, I believe that those are five-lined skinks, not three-lined – still a prime-number skink, though.

1 09 2007

You’re right Lars; I had a professor who always called them 3-lined instead of 5 and unforatunely it stuck. Thanks for the correction.

20 09 2007
Peter Teiman

Peter Teiman here.
The wildlife photros were truly remarkable.
Peter Teiman

14 10 2011
Arletha Sigwart

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