Which way to the Tendaguru beds?

23 08 2007

Hat-tip to Matt for the tag. If you want to make one of these yourself, leave a comment/link back here.

Update: Bora shows us what telecommuting looks like, Julia is hard at work in the library introducing Tyrannosaurus to some modern country music, and I’m sure more will show up throughout the day.



4 responses

23 08 2007

That’s really cool – thanks for the link. Have posted mine, and hopefully earned you some “Coinz”…

23 08 2007
Zach Miller

Hmmm…now I’m going to have to make one…

23 08 2007

I am no longer hard at work in the library – I’m gettin’ down with Rodney Atkins in the Cretaceous period…

24 08 2007

Someone tell PZ they have a cthulhu sign.

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