Photo of the Day: Gorilla mother and babies

20 08 2007


I know I’ve posted this picture before, but it’s one of my favorites and I thought I would drag it back out to the top of the blog again. It probably has to do with my current dilemma of whether to stay the course in Ecology & Evolution to just “get it over with” or switch over to Evolutionary Anthropology to make the most out of my last year (as long as it won’t keep me back again). What to do, what to do…



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20 08 2007

There’s very little point in sticking with a class if it’s just to “get it over with”. If it’s not going to set you back, then go for the change. If it is going to set you back, find out by how much and whether there’s anything you can do to avoid that (extra classes, maybe write a paper for credit, sort of thing).

Love that photo. Particularly poignant given the recent gorilla killings.

20 08 2007

I think I’m going to make the switch, I just have to see if I’ll be allowed to do it (they say that I had to declare it as my major as a junior). If I load up this semester and next, I can be out with an evolutionary anthropology degree no later than I was expecting to anyhow, although I’ll definitely have to take some summer classes. Even so, it looks promising, and I’d rather be taking classes on what I’m reading about in my free time anyhow.

Thanks for the compliment too! I definitely need to get back to the Bronx zoo and see the gorillas again. Even though I have some color photos of them, they always come out much better in black & white.

20 08 2007

That evolutionary anthropology degree sounds like what I’d do if I were to do the whole thing over again. I say go for it–it sounds awesome.

22 08 2007
Sarda Sahney

Beautiful picture!

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