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14 08 2007

The 3rd edition of The Boneyard is coming up this Saturday, and it’ll be here at Laelaps for the last time before moving on to When Pigs Fly Returns, The Ethical Paleontologist, microecos, and the Hairy Museum of Natural History this fall. Send those links in to me by Saturday afternoon if you want in, although I’ll do my usual prospecting along the blog-strata to see what valuable specimens I can find.




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14 08 2007
Zach Miller

Ah! Ah! Nothing’s on my site yet, but fear not! The drawings are coming along nicely! Thus far we have my favorite dinosaur, a turtle mimic, and the proof that whales are derived from artidacyls instead of mesonychids.

15 08 2007

Oh! It’s that time again. Today’s offering might be worth it, although I have promised you a Plateosaurus article.

And I owe a few of you some PDFs – will try to sort them out too, and maybe allow work to stump up the postage on the CDs…

15 08 2007

Thanks for the link you sent in Julia, and I’m looking forward to that Plateosaurus article too. Depending on how well it turns out, I may have some paleo-art to put up inspired by my little cat Charlotte, but judging from my attempts so far I am beyond help when it comes to art.

15 08 2007
Zach Miller

Yes, Julia, I check my inbox for that Anchisaurus paper every day! Getting a new paper (especially a bulky, hard-to-read one) is like Christmas for me. 😉 And I’m inking all the pictures today–they could be up tomorrow.

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