Photo of the Day: Cold Cougar

3 08 2007


I originally posted this photo last January, way back when I had all of two readers, so I thought I would bring it back up front. This is one of the cougars at the Philadelphia Zoo’s “Big Cat Falls” exhibit, and the three cougars in the exhibit seem to love to hang out right in front of the glass. If you can get there early on a cold day when the glare isn’t so bad, the photo opportunities can be fantastic.



3 responses

13 09 2007
Mikael Grizzly

Amazing photo. You have really captured the beauty of these marvellous cats.

I assume it’s fully copyrighted and using the photo as resource for photomanipulating an avatar is unacceptable?

23 02 2008
Randall Mockerman

This a Beautiful Picture and you captured it purfect.
I also take Pictures Of Cougars and Mt. Lions and Pumas and Catamount.
I help fund alot of Organization that help the Cougars.
I am totally against killing them in the wild.
I am also a collector of pictures and posters etc.
I even have a print of a Cougar a Famous artist Painted his name is
Charles Frace’ and he signed it.
He has been dead about two years now, but he managed to do alot of painting of Cougars and Other wildlife, if you want to see his picture go to

5 01 2012
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Great post, always enjoy reading your posts.

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