Photo of the Day: Good morning, Red Panda

1 08 2007

Red Panda
Taken at the Bronx Zoo in December, 2006

Before I switched themes, this photo was the basis for the header above the website, and even though I changed by banner in favor of Charles R. Knight’s leapin’ Laelaps (excuse me, Dryptosaurus), I still find love the above photo. Most days that I visit the zoo the Red Pandas are sleeping, heads tucked in under their bushy tails. On this particular trip, however, they were especially active, and this one was curious enough to let me get some decent close-ups.



3 responses

1 08 2007

That is a very cute little fellow. I’ve never actually seen a red panda in person–I’d love to get the chance to take some pictures of one. Preferably awake, like the one you have here.

1 08 2007

Thanks for the compliment, utenzi. It’s hard to know when these fellows will be out and about; sometimes they’re up early, othertimes only in the afternoon, and sometimes not at all. That doesn’t mean you still can’t some decent shots, though. One of my favorites is of a red panda in a tree at sunrise at the National Zoo form my visit this past spring.

1 08 2007

This is a gorgeous picture! Congratulations!

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