Boneyard #2

30 07 2007

Just a reminder that the 2nd edition of The Boneyard is coming up this Saturday. I haven’t had any submissions yet, but if you want yours to be included you can get it in to me as late as Saturday afternoon (Eastern Standard Time).




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30 07 2007
Zach Miller

I’ll put something together on WPFR that does NOT have to do with Godzilla. πŸ™‚

30 07 2007

Haha, there’s nothing wrong with talkin’ about the big G; I forget where I put it, but I have a paper about Godzilla as a dinosaur somewhere on my hard-drive. Just so long as you mention “Godzillasaurus” it’ll make it in πŸ™‚

30 07 2007
Zach Miller

Hmmm…you don’t mean Ken Carpenter’s discussion of Godzilla as an abelisaur, do you? It’s from “The Official Godzilla Compendium” and it’s a riot.

30 07 2007

I think that’s the one. I came to it through a page listing a number of his papers, and I know Darren over at Tetrapod Zoology mentioned it (with some of his own thoughts) a while ago too;

27 03 2012
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27 09 2014
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Boneyard #2 | Laelaps

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