Hither and yon

27 07 2007

I’ll be away petsitting again this weekend, and even though the place I’ll be has the internet, I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get to do. Hopefully I’ll have some rather lengthy posts about primates up, but if not you’ll at least be seeing my thoughts on the reading material I brought along (Demonic Males, A Cold Look at Warm-Blooded Dinosaurs, Medals of Creation).




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27 07 2007
Chris Harrison

To all Laelaps readers:

This means Brian will only have 10 new posts for you this weekend, instead of the usual 20.

27 07 2007

See Chris, now you’re tempting me to prove you wrong, hah, although I don’t think I could do the 24-hour blogging content (one post every hlaf hour for 24 hours; imagine have inane it would get!).

Actually I think posts (and page views) generally slow down over the weekend; there’s always a Friday slump and then I’m usually out/reading/asleep for most of the weekend.

But anyway, thanks for being my agent and letting my “adoring fans” know what to expect. When I get the book done you’ll be the first person I call if I need an agent 😛

27 07 2007
Chris Harrison

You could always just post pictures like I’ve started doing. hah. They are a good way to boost post counts with minimal effort.

Yes, I think being an agent would be fun. I don’t know what they do, (other than inform fans, apparently) but it sounds important so sign me up.

27 07 2007

Very true Chris, and I’ve got plenty of pictures that have never made it up here. I actually have lots of posts in the works on ammonites, litopterns, Megalosaurus, seal evolution, giraffe evolution, human evolution, the “killer” chimpanzees of Uganda, and lots more, the only problem is that I don’t have access to the hundreds of papers I’ve downloaded to use on those subjects. Plus, since people have been kind enough to start adding some of my better/more interesting posts to StumbleUpon, I figured that I might as well keep up the trend of quality writing (although many thanks go to you for adding me first!)

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