Finally, a story about “real” tigers

26 07 2007

Zeff, a 13-year-old Amur (Siberian) Tiger at the Bronx Zoo (Taken February 2007)

A zoo in Romania is now home to two new tiger cubs, Lenuta and Costel, and it appears that their mother is caring for them. This story reminded me that the Philadelphia Zoo recently had some luck with its tiger-breeding program as well, with three tiger cubs being born this past spring as well (you can read more at the zoo’s official blog).

Rasi, one of the cheetah trio at the Philadelphia Zoo (taken January 2007)

There may be some cheetah cubs on the way at the zoo soon too, the brothers Micah, Rasi, and Spidi getting some female companionship in the near future. I haven’t been back to the Philly Zoo since February so I don’t know if the female has arrived or picked her mate yet, but I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for any news.



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26 07 2007

What a great shot of Zeff! I am continually amazed at your ability to get such amazing animal photos at zoos… all I ever seem to end up with is photos of large people eating ice cream. And sometimes the odd giraffe leg. *sigh*

26 07 2007

Thanks Molly! That shot of Zeff I got right before her enrichment at the Bronx Zoo on a very cold day (it was a yawn rather than an actual snarl, but it still looks impressive). I never had much luck with zoo photos in the past either, but I guess I can chalk up my “success” to the following;

1) I have a pretty good camera with a shallow depth-of-field and quick shutter speed so I can focus in at a fair distance even if I have to stand far away (and if I get things right I focus through the glass or fence instead of on it)

2) I often go to the zoo in the winter when it’s 30 degrees (or sometimes less!) out, so I don’t have to worry about too many people

3) Getting there at opening and knowing what animals will be up when (like Mhorr’s gazelle in the morning, cheetahs in the afternoon) is a big part of it; I usually circle a zoo two or three times checking back to see if a particular animal is up yet.

4) My camera also has a 1G memory card, so I snap lots of shots when I can, but if the animal presents itself in a better position I can just delete/ignore the old ones. I usually take between 200 and 600 pictures on any given visit (and obviously you don’t see most of them)

I’m definitely not a pro, but I’m glad you like my shots! I usually have similar problems with crowds and such (especially during my last trip to the AMNH) so if I can bear it the wintertime can be much more rewarding, especially with big cats and bears. The few shots I’ve seen on your blog I’ve been impressed with, however, and you definitely know how to take a good profile shot 🙂 (I don’t, hah, hence the cheetah)

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