Just what we need; more impervious surface

24 07 2007

Apparently AiG’s House ‘O Creation has recently greeted it’s 100,000th visitor, causing the group to ask for 600 additional parking spaces. As I’ve commented before, I have the feeling that once the novelty wears off things will begin to go downhill for the building, but I’m sure that it’ll remain a favorite of creation groups all the same.

There was a lot of hubub prior to the museum’s opening, and I did my own part, but I think it has become apparent since the opening just how crummy AiG’s new project is. While they’ve touted rave reviews by impressed media personnel about the quality of the museum, the animatronics looked little different from the traveling Dino-Mation exhibits I saw as a kid, and their dinosaur reconstructions leave much to be desired as well. I know I’d rather go to a reputable museum, stuffed wall-to-wall with skeletons and fossil remains, while AiG would much rather glue some unlabeled rock samples to the wall and call it “science.” Anyway, while the opening of the museum made media headlines for a week or two, the buzz about it seems essentially over and I would imagine that over the coming months and years less and less attention will be paid to it (from what I can tell creation ministries go through a bang-and-bust cycle. Not too long ago, ICR was #1).



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