Inundated by papers

24 07 2007

You’ll have to excuse my lack of recent paper summaries/discussions. I’ve been a little tied up lately, and I just keep falling behind. In addition to Triassic dinosauromorphs and dinosaur sex, there are two new PLoS Biology papers out that merit discussion;

Proboscidean Mitogenomics: Chronology and Mode of Elephant Evolution Using Mastodon as Outgroup

and (even more interestingly)

Did Pterosaurs Feed by Skimming? Physical Modelling and Anatomical Evaluation of an Unusual Feeding Method

[And LiveScience gives it the popular treatment]

These papers are both free, so please go and check them out. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a write up later today or tonight, as I’m way behind on “promised posts” as it is. I’ve still got the cover human evolution, the aquatic ape hypothesis, seal evolution, precocial and altricial young, evolution of fang-like canines, giraffe evolution…




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