The Boneyard #1

21 07 2007

Welcome to the first edition of The Boneyard, a blog carnival devoted to all things paleontological.

The big news that everyone has been talking about this week is a new paper in the journal Science announcing evidence that groups of animals present in the Late Triassic of New Mexico (including those who shared recent ancestors with the dinosaurs, like Dromomeron romeri announced in the paper) did not simply vanish the moment dinosaurs came on the scene. A squad of accomplished paleo-bloggers have provided excellent commentary on the new paper;

Matt – Dinosaur precursors found in New Mexico
Julia – Real Dinosaurs in Northern New Mexico
Darren – The surprising and hitherto undocumented late survival of non-dinosaurian dinosauromorphs
Dr. Vector – Undeserved self-promotion and the protracted rise of dinosaurs
Will – Rise of the Dominace of Dinos Slower than Originally Thought

There was another interesting paper that didn’t receive as much attention this week, however; a new study in Biology Letters suggests that some dinosaurs may have been able to mate before becoming fully mature. You can download the paper for free at the Biology Letters website;

Growth patterns in brooding dinosaurs reveals the timing of sexual maturity in non-avian dinosaurs and genesis of the avian condition

Livescience – Dinosaur Sex Started Young

Also in terms of shake-ups, Zach has the dirt on a ornithiscian dinosaur that may make us have to revise our ideas about the origins of ceratopsians. The little “troublemaker” is called Yinlong downsi, and be sure to check out Zach’s analysis of it.

While this week’s new studies are certainly exciting, dinosaurs are creatures of mass media as much as anything else, and Julia treats us to a review of the novel Tyrannosaur Canyon over at The Ethical Paleontologist.

Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance has put up some excellent photographs from his adventures with Project Exploration; be sure to check out his post Dinosaur Report III: The Journey Home.

As any good paleontologist knows, though, fossils don’t begin and end with dinosaurs. Darren covers the impressive (and often overlooked) caseids, and Dr. Vector provides some excellent supporting photographs.

GrrlScientist also gives us the scoop on a recent PNAS paper focusing on Argentavis in World’s Largest Bird Was a Glider. You should check out Neil’s take on the paper over at microecos, too.

What would a paleontology carnival be, however, without something a little more “vintage”? Various papers by O.C. Marsh have been available for free online for some time, so check them out if you have not already!

Addendum: Michael has also presents us with an abstact to a paper dealing with the works of famous paleo-nut (quite literally) John Hawkins.

Addendum the 2nd: Bora has rightly pointed out that I forgot to include Anne-Marie’s wonderful post tying together science and fiction; if you’re a Harry Potter (or paleo) fan, you have to check out her post on Dracorex hogwartsia.

That about does it for this first “issue” of The Boneyard. The next one will be coming up two weeks from today, so submit any good paleontology-related articles via the blog carnival form or send them to evogeek AT gmail DOT com.



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21 07 2007
Issue #1 now up! « The Boneyard

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21 07 2007
Hairy Museum of Natural History » New paleo-carnival: The Boneyard

[…] The first edition of The Boneyard is now online at Laelaps. Check it out for a healthy dose of paleo-themed goodness! File under Miscellany. Posted by Matt Celeskey round about 4:53 pm. […]

21 07 2007
I Blame Sunspots or, an interval amidst Death Throes « microecos

[…] didn’t even turn up Indet. in the first survey of the Boneyard, which is nevertheless an exciting and interesting start to a new paleo Carnival. Thanks to Brian […]

21 07 2007

This is a great idea! But I expected to see Dracorex here as well….

21 07 2007

Thanks for reminding me Bora! Duly corrected.

21 07 2007
Fun for bone-diggers - a new carnival! [A Blog Around The Clock] · Kokorec

[…] The first edition of the brand new paleontology carnival, The Boneyard, is up on Laelaps. […]

21 07 2007
Sorting Out Science » Blog Archive » Everybody loves a carnival…

[…] another one, courtesy of a tip from Ron Schott: The Boneyard — a paleontology […]

22 07 2007

Thanks for putting Dracorex on there even though I missed the deadline for submitting it, I really appreciate the link!

22 07 2007
The Boneyard Blog Carnival Now Available [Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)] | COLE Blog Network dot com

[…] you have to check it out because it focuses on one of my most favorite topics; paleontology! The first edition of The Boneyard is now available for you to […]

22 07 2007
The Ridger

Nice. I love to read about this stuff.

22 07 2007
Kambiz Kamrani

Awesome idea laelaps, I’ll be writing up a post on my experiences doing paleoanthropology fieldwork and hope to submit it to the next carnival. Let me know if you need any help spreading the word!

22 07 2007

Thanks for all the compliments, tips, and comments everyone! I’ll try my best to keep my eyes open for good posts, even if they’re not “officially” submitted (most of the posts in this edition I found myself). Hopefully this will help bring paleo bloggers in closer contact, as I had no idea how many of us there were!

Kambiz; please do write up your experiences and sumbit it to the next carnival. That would be great!

22 07 2007
Zach Miller

You cited my humble post! I’m flattered, sir! Awesome compilation, though. I’m surprised the sexual maturity paper didn’t receive more press–anything that connects birds to dinosaurs these days is big news. And I love Dracorex. Aside from its kind of silly name (Bakker gives out silly names), it’s a fascinating pachycephalosaur that demonstrates the switch from Pachycephalosaurus to Stygimoloch (my favorite pachy) to…Dracorex.

25 07 2007
At last, dinosaur sex « Laelaps

[…] 25 07 2007 While the new Science paper on Triassic dinosauromorphs was definitely the “big news” of last week (and the new PLoS paper on skimming pterosaurs [or not] seems to be this week’s), another […]

30 07 2007
Science Blog » Blog Archive » A cynical take on a study about high school science [Galactic Interactions]

[…] real time global earthquake map. Darn cool, if you ask me. The first edition of The Boneyard, a brand spanking new carnival devoted to palaeontology, over at […]

8 08 2007
Science Blog » Blog Archive » More on the Japanese earthquake

[…] real time global earthquake map. Darn cool, if you ask me. The first edition of The Boneyard, a brand spanking new carnival devoted to palaeontology, over at […]

18 08 2007
The Boneyard #3 « Laelaps

[…] about fossil hunting Synder Quarry in New Mexico. These posts are especially relevant considering many of the discoveries coming out of New Mexico and other southwestern states, and these posts represent some of the best paleo-blogging I’ve […]

24 08 2007
Everyone back in the pool!: From artiodactyl to cetacean « Laelaps

[…] when so many other creatures of the early Triassic did not, although recent finds like Effigia have shown that dinosaurs were not alone in developing a bipedal stance. The group that we’re primarily concerned with here, however, is not archosaurs but mammals […]

27 08 2007
Dr Vector

Paleo round-up–love it! Thanks for putting all this together. And thanks for the numerous shout-outs. It’s always nice when the products of my goofing off turn out to be useful or at least interesting to others.

Keep ’em coming!

Matt Wedel

27 08 2007

Thanks for dropping by, Matt! I’m certainly glad that this carnival has gotten as much attention as it has thus far, and I’m certainly glad that there are so many paleo-bloggers (like yourself) putting good information out there for non-experts like myself. Keep up the great work!

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5 10 2011
Everybody loves a carnival… | Sorting out Science

[…] another one, courtesy of a tip from Ron Schott: The Boneyard — a brand new paleontology […]

24 07 2014
The Boneyard Blog Carnival Now Available | This Scientific Life

[…] you have to check it out because it focuses on one of my most favorite topics; paleontology! The first edition of The Boneyard is now available for you to […]

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