Gah, I’m entangled on some sort of bank…

18 07 2007

A wonderful, historic edition of the Tangled Bank (#84) is up at the Voltage Gate. Go forth and observe the diversity…

(Speaking of carnivals, I’m thinking of starting a bi-weekly linkfest for paleo posts called “The Boneyard.” What do you think?)




6 responses

18 07 2007
Zach Miller

The “Boneyard?” Sounds awesome. Go to it, sir!

18 07 2007
Matt Celeskey

I’d also be happy to see The Boneyard as a web carnival. Great idea!

18 07 2007

I’ll third that sentiment. Love the name, Brian.

19 07 2007

Excellent idea, Brian!

19 07 2007

I’d been meaning to suggest that you start a paleo-carnival as there seems to be a quorum out there now, and I’m far too lazy to do it myself.

19 07 2007

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I have indeed set up The Boneyard and will be putting up the first edition this Saturday (mostly gleaning the good stuff I’ve come across the past few weeks, but please submit something new if you want). There’s a listing for it, or you could just e-mail me with the posts (whatever works best). Thanks for your support!

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