Late Night Update

14 07 2007

I just wanted to write a quick “thank you” to everyone who wished Tracey and I a happy 1st anniversary. We drove down to Cape May for the day, leaving at 3 AM to see the sunrise at the southernmost tip of New Jersey. After walking along the beach and taking a half hour nap on the sand, we headed over to the Nature Conservancy migratory bird refuge for a few minutes (although it was too late to catch many of the birds that can be seen earlier in the day). Afterwards, we went on a largely unproductive whale-watching cruise, although we did see a pod of about 20 dolphins feeding and, erm, gettin’ it on near shore.

After that, we had lunch and visited the Cape May Zoo, and I got some good shots of creatures that will soon be forthcoming. The only real black spot of the day was our dinner choice, being that I had a massive headache and was very tired by 4 PM, and none of the restaurants in downtown Cape May were serving dinner until 5. We settled for the Jackson Mountain Cafe, and if you ever find yourself in Cape May, AVOID THIS ESTABLISHMENT! The food was bland, our order was messed up, service was slow, the menu items were expensive (fries are considered an “add on”) and it was generally the most unpleasant dining experience I think I’ve had in recent year. This was made up for when we returned to New Brunswick with a trip to Thomas Sweet for some good desserts.

Anyway, I have plenty of photos, but I’m too tired to upload them now. Check back tomorrow for a pictoral update of what happened.



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