Happy Anniversary to Us

14 07 2007

On July 15th, 2006, I married the most wonderful woman I have ever met.

Shortly after the ceremony on our wedding day

We got hitched at the site of out first “unofficial” date, Washington Crossing State Park, and have been fully enjoying the married life ever since.

Outside the cheetah enclosure at the Philadelphia Zoo last February



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14 07 2007


14 07 2007

Congratulations to you both, Brian. That first year is a strong indicator of things to come. The picture of you both on the slide is cute and one of the more unusual locations I’ve seen in a wedding photo.

15 07 2007

Happy first wedding anniversary to you both! We got married on exactly the same day as you, although probably a good 5-6 hours before you (given the time difference). I hope this past year has been the happiest of your lives so far but nowhere near the happiness that you have to come.

15 07 2007

Thank you Julia! I know that you had been married for about a year too, but I didn’t know we had the same anniversary! I hope the happiest is yet to come for you as well, and I hope you had a splendid day with your husband. My wife knew the perfect gift for me too; a 2nd edition copy of Darwin’s Animals and Plants Under Domestication. Between that and a first edition copy of Cope’s work on evolution, I’ll definitely be busy reading for the next week.

15 07 2007
Cory Tucholski

Congratulations and happy anniversary to you both! My first year of marriage was incredibly rough. I was going through a whole phase with not wanting to work in fast food (wait a tick–I’m still going through that!), and since that is the only industry in which I have experience (hence, the only place where I can make decent money), I was drifting from job to job and we were very poor. She couldn’t find work, either. So we lived in my brother-in-law’s basement–during the winter!

Well, we’ve come a long way. Now, he lives with us, we have a little one coming in October, and I have a good job! What a difference a year makes.

I hope that you guys had an easier year than we did. May God bless your marriage!

15 07 2007

An excellent gift for your paper anniversary! Our flight tickets for SVP are our presents to each other. Thank you for your good wishes. Looks like you had a lovely day yesterday at the beach.

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