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9 07 2007

I apologize for the lack of science-intensive posts since the close of last week; I started thinking about precocial/altricial development in birds, mammals, and dinosaurs and have gotten sucked into a massive tangle of literature, hoping that I can put together a larger example of what I’ve been able to learn. For many other posts I can pick up one paper and relate it to something else I’ve just read or seen, but for this one there were buckets of papers on all manner of critters, so naturally there’s a lot to consider. I hope to have it finished sometime this week, although at this point the sheer size of it makes me wonder if I should publish it in installments. Either way, I’m trying to be careful so I don’t make an ass of myself when I finally hit the “publish” button, but I’ll have to see if the final product can be divided up in any way that won’t kill its momentum.




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