New Jersey Animals, wild and otherwise

1 07 2007

I’ve run into quite a bit of wildlife at relatively close range as of late, plenty of which I was able to catch on film. Given that these animals were not in cages or otherwise penned up, there was only so close I could get and most of these pictures are not very good (on some of them I just used the “easy fix” option on Kodak Gallery to brighten them, given that they were taken late in the day when there was almost no sunlight).

The first of my animal encounters occurred when petsitting in Monroe township for two poodles, one of which had cornered a groundhog (or woodchuck, if you prefer) behind a soccer net in the backyard. I was able to get pretty close before letting it out of there;

Paris and Hog


Later that afternoon I spotted a Turkey Vulture by the side of the road and pulled over to try and get a few shots. It flew on top of a telephone pole, too far away to get a decent shot. Given the amount of roadkill around here, however, I’ll probably have a few more opportunities this week;

T Vulture

Speaking of birds, today I went out for a mini-picnic and saw a mixed group of geese and ducks. Some were Canda Geese, others domestic varities, and one seemed like some sort of hybrid. They were in the shade and swam off (probably because of Panda, the dog I was watching, pictured below), so I wasn’t able to get much of a shot;



White-Tailed Deer are also ever-present in these parts, and this afternoon we got a visit from a doe and three fawns. I have seen does with as many as six fawns following, all in a group, so I wonder if white-tailed deer have their own equivalent of babysitters (they didn’t seem inclined to all stay together when I accidentally spooked them). And, if you haven’t read it already, see Friday’s post about how antlers and sexual selection figure into current deer evolution;




Doe and Fawn

Meanwhile, I still check in and take care of the cats whenever I can. Thankfully they have not gone feral in my absence from the apartment, but Charlotte and Beatrice (who still needs a home) were quite interested in Spider-Man for some reason;




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