Blogging Withdrawl

29 06 2007

For the next 9 days I’ll be petsitting and may or may not have access to the internet during that time, so whether or not I’ll be able to post anything new this weekend is anyone’s guess. You’ve got plenty to digest between giant penguins and deer sexual selection, and I know I usually don’t come up with anything that great on weekends, but I figured I would just let any readers know. It’s really funny how stat counters follow trends, especially in relation to ScienceBlogs (and especially Pharyngula). When SciBlings is having a slow day, I almost always have a slow day as well, and every weekend my stats do a bit of a nosedive only to resurface Monday, keep moving up through Thursday, only to taper off again. I’ve been getting many more visitors over the past few weeks so the counter shows less of a pattern, but previously my stat counter featured a few peaks and troughs of nearly the same amplitude and frequency.

Anyhow, yesterday Feduccia’s The Origin and Evolution of Birds, Romer’s Vertebrate Paleontology, and Quammen’s Song of the Dodo all arrived so I have no reason not to dig into at least one of them (more books probably coming today, and I’m about halfway through A Primate’s Memoir). So much to learn, so little time…



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