Not worth the paper it’s printed on…

25 06 2007

If you’re a teacher/educator and will be attending the upcoming National Education Association conference (I assume it’s the summer one in Philadelphia), you might want to keep an eye out for an AiG-sposored booth handing out tracts and copies of the error-laden book Evolution Exposed. While AiG swears up and down that they don’t want creationism taught in public schools (it’s all about “individual enlightenment,” or so Ken Ham and others would have us believe), they seem to be trying awfully hard to get teachers and school administrators to realize how terrible evolution is. They don’t want to get creationism into public schools, no sir; they just want to convert educators, parents, and school boards so that they can, well, get creationism into public schools…

Update the 1st; PZ has caught on to this as well, providing a link to the creationists trying to evangelize to the attendees of the convention. Funny, the blogger I contacted said that AiG had next-to-nothing to do with the booth, and yet the booth has it’s own AiG-run blog, propaganda, etc.



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25 06 2007
3 07 2007

I guess it’s too much to expect someone who’s home-schooled to know how to spell “principal.”

4 07 2007

Hi Brian,

The blog title caught my eye, then when I noticed the jab at AIG I couldn’t help but say “Hello.” I’ve spent an enormous amount of time poking holes in their rubbish. I still check in on them now and then but rarely post about it anymore. Anyway, good luck and keep fighting the bad science.

4 07 2007

Hi John, thank you for the compliments and for stopping in to say “hi.” I usually have a look at the main AiG page nearly every day, but at this point there isn’t much to go over anymore. I try to respond to creationists when the address me or when they send me a new book/list of problems with “Darwinism”, but I am trying to make more of an effort to tell others about evolution and build it up positively (rather than just make it seem like the only alternative to creationism).

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m hoping to finish a popular book on evolution by February 26th, 2008 (my 25th birthday), so hopefully you’ll hear more from me in the future.

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