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25 06 2007

I am exceedingly pleased to announce that Darren of Tetrapod Zoology has seen it fit to bestow the “Thinking Blogger Award” upon me (look in the right sidebar). I’m certainly glad to have been tagged by a blogger of superior knowledge/skill, and in-keeping with tradition I must now tag 5 other bloggers. This is a task in and of itself, however, as 1) So many other blogs get the ol’ gears turning in my noggin’, and 2) everyone and their mother seems to have one already. If I link to you and you’ve already been awarded, just let me know and I’ll pick someone else. Here are my picks for the award;

1) Jeremy Bruno – The Voltage Gate

Jeremy always has something interesting up on his blog, be it great quotes, new studies, or just-plain-cool videos. The Voltage Gate is certainly a must-read blog, and I am also duly indebted to Jeremy since he’s half the team that got the blog carnival Oekologie started.

2) Various – Shifting Baselines

Before I got serious about ecology, evolution, and paleontology, I was a shark nut and loved absolutely everything about the ocean. In fact, I still do despite my new interests eclipsing the old, and the crew at Shifting Baselines has definitely made me think about what we’re taking out of and putting into the oceans. Regardless of whether you’re interested in fish on your plate or in the ocean, Shifting Baselines is certainly thought-provoking.

3) Molly – RedMolly Picayune Democrat

While the vast majority of blogs I read are almost exclusively about science, there are plenty of excellent and thought-provoking writers out there covering different subject, and Molly’s blog is one of the best. Whether it’s about home schooling, the difference between local/organic food and the stuff at Shop Rite, or writing in general, Molly certainly has plenty of great insights.

4) Anne-Marie – Pondering Pikaia

Anne-Marie covers many of the same topics as I do on her relatively-new blog, but she has some wonderful insights and perspectives that I don’t always pick up on. Indeed, whenever I come across a widely-discussed story, I often say “I wonder what Anne-Marie thinks of this” and head on over to her blog. Hers is definitely a blog to watch.

5) Kate – Secret Sex Lives of Animals

We all know that if you don’t reproduce, you’re pretty much a dead-end (at least in evolutionary terms), but the importance of sex to behavior and evolution is often overlooked. Kate’s blog focuses on the mating habits of animals, and believe me, it’s not all “When a boy bear and a girl bear feel a certain way about each other…”

And there you have it. I would love to have tagged plenty of others, and there are plenty of other blogs that are worth a look, but alas, 5 is the number of the awards, and the number of awards shall be 5. If you want to go back to the post that started it all, you can track the history of the meme here.



5 responses

25 06 2007
Darren Naish

Congrats Brian – glad you like, and keep up the good work. And excellent choices on further awards by the way.

26 06 2007

Thanks for the shout-out… I’ve responded in kind.

28 06 2007
Jeremy Bruno

Thanks Brian. I’m gettin’ there with a response. Busy trying to keep knucklehead from peeing on the carpet.

29 06 2007

No problem Jeremy; I know I’ve been “generous” with the meme-tagging lately, and I’m not sitting at my computer, constantly checking The Voltage Gate saying “Blast that Bruno! When will he accept that compliment, the bastard!” If nothing else, getting the award from Darren let me give props to some blogs I like, so I was happy to include yours; after that, you can do as you will with it.

14 08 2007
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