Best Wife Ever

23 06 2007

My wifer truly know that books are the way to my heart; she picked up a copy of The Beak of the Finch for me yesterday while picking up some surprise 1st anniversary gift, and we’re probably headed back there soon as she spied some low-priced Stephen Jay Gould books too. I’m not sure if I should be allowed to visit a real used book store, however; I may try to come home with the entire science section.

And now it’s off to the beach…




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23 06 2007
Michael Barton

Somebody help me, I am off this morning to some church sales, and usually lots of books can be found there. I’m limiting myself to 20 bucks!

23 06 2007

That one’s easy; “Oh, you said 20 bucks? I thought you said 20 BOOKS. Sorry dear.” Just kidding; all the books in the world won’t help if you end up in the doghouse for the night.

23 06 2007

I can definitely sympathize with that, I’m in Flagstaff for the summer and there are some GREAT used bookstores here, I’ve bought roughly 27 books in three weeks. I just can’t pass up bargain books, although it will probably cost more to ship all that back to Alabama than I paid for the books in the first place…

23 06 2007

Congratulations on your anniversary–and Beak of the Finch is a terrific read. It’s the book that originally sparked my interest in evolution lo these eleven years ago.

24 06 2007

Thanks Molly! Actually, our 1 year anniversary isn’t until the 15th of July (I have to wait for my real gift until then), but we each got each other a little something early because we’re really bad about keeping presents from each other for extended periods (at least I am); I got her a copy of Lilian McLaughlin Brown’s “So I married a dinosaur” about her husaband Barnum Brown.

I’m still really achy from the sunburns I sustained today so I haven’t gotten further into my new book, but hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it more tomorrow when I go back to the apartment to see the kitties (I’m petsitting at a different house right now, so hopefully they won’t have all gone feral when I get home…)

25 06 2007
Bug Girl

I am not allowed to go into bookstores unsupervised.

Those discount/remnant book stores always sucker me. I keep picking up books (“it’s only $5! such a deal!”) and suddenly have spent all the food money.

Is there a bookaholics anonymous?

25 06 2007

“Those discount/remnant book stores always sucker me.”

Indeed, especially if I find a really old gem (anything older than 1950, and ESPECIALLY older than 1900). My protests of “But I need it!” aren’t especially effective. I really do hope to have a vast personal library that can end up being donated or becoming the backbone of a science library someday, but there are still plenty of works I mean to obtain (I think my amazon wish list is now over 830 as far as books go).

Most surprsing, however, was a book I received today; the store I ordered it from wrapped it up like a Christmas present and enclosed a 1976 $2 bill because the book was in worse condition than advertised. You don’t get that kind of service at Barnes and Noble.

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