From Dembski’s own mouth

19 06 2007

William Dembski is upset that Judge Jones is still getting attention for the Dover “Monkey Trial,” and spins off a whiny rant about how being an ID advocate is analogous to being the smelly kid at the playground. Towards the end of the article, Dembski himself says;

ID is the intellectual elite’s equivalent of leprosy

Perhaps because ID is intellectual leprosy; the longer you leave it untreated, the more damage it does to your eyes, nerves, and other parts of your body. I hardly think Dembski is admitting that he’s been infected with a virulent meme. Interestingly enough, actual leprosy does not cause parts of the body to fall off or for sores to develop; a lack of sensitivity in the limbs causes people not to feel when they’re being hurt and hence they are often covered with lesions and sores. What a fitting disease to equate ID with, especially since advocates don’t seem to realize that they’re receiving an intellectual pummeling from evolutionary scientists.




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25 07 2007
Casey Luskin doesn’t know how to read his own website « Laelaps

[…] showed up for 2005 Dover Trial (and some of the ones that didn’t even get on the stand won’t stop crying about it), although, despite much saber-rattling from some ID folk, Of Pandas and People II The Design of […]

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