Army of God Terrorists, Part II

18 06 2007

Terrorists love to spread propaganda and make threats, so it should come as so surprise that those who think Paul Hill was a sane, rational, and *gag* compassionate man have generated their own. I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not, as the video is highly disturbing and will give you a look at the mentality of religious zealots so caught up in their own reality that their way of following God is to destroy the lives of others. They are blind to their own hypocrisy. Be warned, the videos will make you sick to your stomach (there are aborted children, as well as images of doctor and security guard Hill murdered), and I am not going to host the videos here because the very idea of giving these people a forum on my blog turns my stomach.

Part One: TCRP Flag Burning As A Warning to the USA
Part Two: TRCP Flag Burning As A Warning to the USA




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18 06 2007
Army of God Terrorists « Laelaps

[…] 1st: Terrorists love to generate propaganda, and a religious fringe group has done just that. See Part II if you want a cold look at modern Christian zealots who view Hill as a […]

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