13 06 2007

Like I mentioned the other day, I’ve been added plenty of new blogs to my blogroll, and I figured it was about time to put all the new ones together. Some are the blogs of friends that have commented here, others are of “heavy hitters” that added me first or otherwise caught my attention, but they are all worth a look. Here’s the list, in no particular order;

Utenzi Blog
The Evilutionary Biologist
Reconciliation Ecology
Remote Central / Metalithica
Science After Sunclipse
Secret Sex Lives of Animals
The Dispersal of Darwin
Pondering Pikaia
Life Cycle Analysis
Everything and More
Raptor’s Nest
Shifting Baselines
The Divine Afflatus
Hairy Museum of Natural History
Rigor Vitae
Half Full
Eclectic Esoteric
The Dragon’s Tales
Earth, Wind, and Water
Behavioral Ecology Blog

[Added today] Seeds Aside

That’s it for now, but I’m sure there will be more in the future. I certainly have a look at all of these each day, although I usually don’t comment (writing “nods in agreement” day after day would be a bit boring). Still, have a look, make some new friends, and if you know of a good blog that deserves some attention please include it in the comments.




3 responses

13 06 2007

Thanks for adding me on, Brian. Wile I work in science research, I only post about science every 5 or so posts but I do try to do so at least once a week.

Keep up the great work with your blog. Your writing is excellent.

13 06 2007

Not a problem Utenzi; I don’t have a hard and fast “All blogs I include must be hard science!” rule. I put up plenty of personal pondering too, but I do enjoy when you write about more scientific matters.

And thank you for the compliments; I am overwhelmed by the response I’ve gotten to my writing. When I made the jump to wordpress I didn’t think anyone would really notice (I’ve still got a lot to learn, after all), but I have to say I absolutely love the fact that I can be in touch with so many scientists, researchers, and even people with opposing viewpoints on a daily basis. While I would probably keep writing regardless of who paid attention to me, I do feel that I am a much happier and prolific blogger when I know people appreciate what I have to say, so thank you for your support. šŸ™‚

13 06 2007

Thanks for adding me also. Love the blog.

As you might have seen, my blog is haphazardly thrown-together, and I mostly link to more science than I write about. But this should change since I’m currently spending most of my time in the lab, and only just now getting my “research legs” under me.

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