Housekeeping for June 11

11 06 2007

Things have been a little frustrating lately; between the internet being out, fostering a cat until she finds a new home, my car needing $500 in repairs ($500 I don’t have), and trying to find the money to pay off bills I’ve had my hands full. Indeed, reading and blogging are my primary refuges from day-to-day life (I would go to the beach, but I have no money to pay the various fees for such a trip and until today I didn’t think my car would make it). Here’s what’s been going on;

1) Within the next day or so this blog will hit 25,000 28,000 visits and just over 400 posts. When I hit 500 I’ll have to do something special (any suggestions?)

2) I’ve been rather flattered that so many people have added me to their blogrolls, especially when those bloggers are more experienced/educated/intelligent than myself. Take a look through the new additions in the blogroll; there’s plenty of good stuff out there.

3) I’ve added an Open Lab 2007 button on the sidebar, just as a reminder to everyone to nominate posts they think belong in the next edition of the book (and thanks to Bora for reminding me!). I don’t think anything I’ve come up with is especially worthy of belonging to such a compilation, but it is my goal to write such a post, not so much for just wanting to be selected but to write something of merit that is insightful.

4) I know I still have to follow up on my posts about giraffe evolution, swimming sloths, Ornithosuchus, mosasaurs, seal evolution, and other topics. I usually get most of my ideas for posts at work because I have access to various journals, but I often don’t have time to write until I get home (where I do not have access), and usually I read in the evening anyway. Still, that’s no excuse, and I’ll have at least one of these long-promised posts out before the end of the week. I need to get cracking on my evolution book as well, before I start forgetting what I’ve learned over the past year.

That’s it for now; I’m hoping to finish (if not nearly finish) Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac tonight, and hopefully Silent Spring or The Jungle will come within the next day or so.




7 responses

12 06 2007
Dan V

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12 06 2007

I read Sand County Almanac a little over 20 years ago during a bioethics course. It was the only saving grace that I can recall from the course. Most of the other reading directly mirrored the professor’s involvement with a PETA-like organization.

12 06 2007
Chris Harrison

Brian, between your work, your blogging, and your ability to polish of ~10 books a week, I barely see how you have time to breathe. Do you even sleep?

For your 500th, you might round up the book material that you already have, posting about what you know your going to cover, and what you’re still considering. I suspect you could get some interesting feedback that might help direct your attention to certain things. Just a suggestion.

12 06 2007

Hahahaha! Indeed, I shall utilize my blog minions to edit my masterpiece for me, and then it shall LIVE!!

Just kidding; not a bad idea Chris; if you all are real good I’ll throw in some possible illustrations, including my pictures for the scientific/cultural evolution of Tyrannosaurus and a tree diagram for the evolution of creationism. At the moment I still have a bunch of ideas floating around, so it’ll be good to at least try and put them in some sort of order instead of trying to have them fit in later on.

And to answer your first question, I “sleep” but I sleepwalk PLUS have night terrors, so it’s hardly anything put restful around here. Just kidding; my brain doesn’t register much activity when I’m working, so I try to take advantage of my free time at home. I pick up the guitar now and then, or play Half-Life 2 and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis every now and then, but generally I put on the Simpsons, pick up a book, and try and feed my aching brain.

I might have some more ACTUAL work to do in the near future, however; think paleobotany. I still have to get the details but it’ll be good to do something more substantial in a field I’m largely unfamiliar with. Likewise, I have some super-posts planned for the near future, and my attempt at the current SEED contest, (plus the various carnivals this week and next) so I definitely have plenty to do. If only I got paid for all this…

12 06 2007
Chris Harrison

So you’re going to have a few illustrations in your book eh? That’s impressive. I can’t draw anything more detailed than a “hand turkey”!

I think I logged around 300 Xbox 360 hrs this past semester, so I made sure to box the thing up and put it in the storage bin for the summer. I’m hoping this will convince me to read more often, but it seems like I can always conjure up some excuse. I just stopped reading Valentine’s On the Origin of Phyla after passing the 150 pg mark. I started the “Fossil Record” section but damnit, Valentine’s technical prose and the fact that geology & stratigraphy are entirely foreign for me forced me to quit. The molecular genetics and development stuff was awesome but this one is going to have to sit on the shelf for a bit until I get some more knowledge in this area. You’d probably devour this section though!

That’s cool that you’ve got some real work in the mix, and also that you’re going to enter the SEED contest; good luck with both of those.

13 06 2007
Bora Zivkovic

OMG, utenzi, you took ethics with Tom Regan? Yikes!

13 06 2007

Chris- I hear you about the Xbox. I actually bought a regular xbox last summer so I would be purposefully behind the curve, the prices for the games and such going down since the 360 came out. I haven’t used it very much, though; during the fall my main addiction was World of Warcraft, but it fried the video card on my old computer. It’s probably for the best though; I spend much more time reading than slaying beasts for experience points.

I’m not much of an artist, but I figured I would give it a try; I used to draw all the time (I had some aspirations about doing comic books) but have since stopped. In fact I drew a slew of dinosaur pictures to give to paleontologist Dr. Dodson when I was younger, and dinosaurs (and sharks) were always easier to draw than most other things. I’m no William Stout, Charles R. Knight, or Ricardo Delgado, but I think I can pull it off (if I can’t, maybe I’ll save up and comission something from a better artist).

I’ve been meaning to read Valentine’s book as well, but I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more books until I’ve finished the ones I’ve started. I’ll probably get it this summer (I need to read Coyne and Orr’s Speciation as well), but I’ll likely struggle through the development/molecular biology bits myself. Still, I’d rather struggle and learn something from a good book than have random bits of information drilled into my skull in biology lecture, so it’ll be good medicine.

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