Sweet Kitty Needs a Home!

10 06 2007

For anyone nearby (in the New Jersey area) who is looking for a sweet feline friend, Friday afternoon my wife and I took in “Lady Beatrice,” a previously feral cat who was spayed and was going to be released back outside. We were going to foster her until she found a good home, but she doesn’t get along well with out cats Chase and Charlotte, so we can’t keep her here much longer.

She’s 2 years old, a black/orange/brown tortise-shell coat, EXTREMELY friendly (she loves people and is always purring, meowing, etc.), has had all her shots, is spayed, and free to a good home. I’d really love to keep her longer but my cats have been on edge ever since Friday and I can’t keep her in the bathroom indefinitely, so if you’re interested please e-mail me at evogeek AT gmail DOT com or comment on this post. I have pictures should you want to have a look at her as well.




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11 06 2007

I wish I lived closer and could take her! Our darling Billie-cat disappeared in the chaos just before our move and couldn’t be found… our former neighbors are all looking for her, but so far no dice. We’re down to a one-cat household now and it’s very strange. (Our Ella-cat thinks so, too. She keeps looking for her sister and meowing forlornly. Enough with the forlorn meowing!)

11 06 2007

Thanks Molly; this morning she got out and was a lot calmer, so I think we’ll be able to hang onto her for a little longer if she behaves herself. She was brought in with a number of kittens she was nursing, so I think her aggressiveness around my cats was due to her protective instincts (she was still making milk even though the kittens weren’t around). We’ll see how it goes, but I hope she finds a good home, and I hope your cat turns up too! Hopefully the apartment won’t be a 3-cat domain for too long (Chase and Charlotte have been sleeping on me for comfort even since “Lady” arrived, leading to sleep deprivation).

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