Sunday afternoon roundup

10 06 2007

Apparently someone in the house I reside in decided to steal some cable, so I was offline for most of the weekend and had a minor case of blog withdrawl (I HAVE to write, otherwise I feel useless). Thankfully everything is now fixed and hopefully the same set of events won’t repeat itself, but since I don’t have any one thing that’s post-worthy at the moment, here are some ramblings about my weekend;

1) Took in a cat to foster; she’s sweet, except with other cats. See my previous post if you’re looking for a friendly feline and don’t have any of your own.

2) Saw Knocked Up on Friday night; it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen lately, although it did remind me of the PBS Frontline documentary “The New Merchants of Cool.” While the women career and appearance-minded, their main drawback their propensity to be hormonal and nag, the men are essentially bums who love to get high and go out on the town for wild nights. Hell, the male lead essentially lives in a stoner enclave, and while it works in term of the story (taking a man and woman who couldn’t be more different trying to get through a pregnancy and getting to know each other), I don’t know anyone who actually lives that way. The concept of the “mook” (i.e. Tom Green, the guys from Jackass) is media-generated, and such a person is rare if he exists at all (and he probably wouldn’t your friend, to boot). Don’t get me wrong, the film was funny, but the main characters just seemed to be media-generated charicatures rather than anyone real.

3) Saw The Music Man in an outdoor theater; every summer Washington Crossing State Park hosts various productions, and the first one this summer was The Music Man. I’m not a big fan of musical theater (I usually try and take an MST3K-like view of it, poking fun at the bad singing, acting, and overall silliness of it all), but it is fun to get out and see a performance. Usually the first production of the year is Shakespeare, but this year it all looks like “classic” musicals like The King and I.

4) I’ve been reading Trevor Corson’s The Secret Life of Lobsters and it’s great fun; it’s a little light on science, but Corson writes in an engaging, almost novel-like fashion, tying together the activities of scientists, lobstermen, government officials, etc. in order to tell the story. It’s far more engaging and interesting than most other non-fiction I’ve read lately (where the emphasis is on simply telling the reader the facts and little else), and it definitely interesting to see the conflict between government conservation agencies (who basically stayed behing their desks) and the people actually working with the lobsters.

5) Lately I’ve been thinking about how creationists not only bastardize science, but they ignore history as well. What was the world like 6,000 years ago? What were people doing? I haven’t devoted my full attention to the subject yet, but I feel the archaeological answers to these questions are often ignored. Further, I had to wonder about catastrophies like the destruction of Pompeii. Creationists claim that fossilization/permineralization can happen very rapidly, but do the bones from those buried for over a century and a half in the Pompeii ruins show any signs of mineral replacement? I’m sure this won’t stop those already committed to a fundamental view of Genesis, but I think it could be an interesting (albeit somewaht macabre) introduction into the way fossils are “made,” espcially given that some of our best fossils have been preserved by ashfalls and other volcanic activity.

I know this has been a rather sloppy post, but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully I’ll have some new (and better) material by the end of tonight or tomorrow.




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