Creationists change tactics

7 06 2007

PZ has the scoop about a new creationist textbook designed to dupe careless school boards into thinking it’s actually about evolution; Exploring Evolution. I guess it’s become apparent that straightforward creationist textbooks have hit a brick wall, so the makers of Exploring Evolution try and apply the “teach the controversy!” model (scordova over at UD says “Finally! A scientifically accurate textbook on evolution!“) in a way that might confuse science teachers into thinking it’s actually a science book. Indeed, it seems like a pretty poor book at that, paleontology largely ignored (as is Intelligent Design’s fashion) and “molecular machines” & Haeckel’s embryos receiving plenty of attention.

The arrival of Exploring Evolution makes me wonder what happened to Of Pandas and People II The Design of Life. Mr. Cordova seemed very excited for the book’s March 1, 2007 release, but now it’s June 7, 2007 and there is no sign of the book materializing. ID advocates may rattle their sabers and tell us we should be quaking in our boots because of its impending release, but from what I’ve seen (the first chapter is online) I don’t see The Design of Life as being that important or interesting. Anyway, despite their claims to the contrary, ID seems to be flailing a bit lately, trying every trick they can think of to rope people in while the content of their books and blogs becomes increasingly silly (you know, doing some actual scientific research might help), and I can’t help but wonder if we’re reaching a bit of a tipping point.




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