‘Nessie’ spotter Holmes also seeing Fairies?

5 06 2007

There are some things you just can’t make up. A few days ago a new “Nessie” video made the news, and Gordon Holmes (the man behind the camera) seemed very excited about the prospect of capturing the presumed lake monster on film. As I said upon initially seeing the video, however, it doesn’t seem to show anything spectacular or that interesting, and I would even say that it’s “poor” in that there is no frame of reference whatsoever. What the news stories did not tell us, however, was that Holmes is known for his unhinged beliefs. Thanks to Loren Coleman on Cryptomundo (and to Benjamin Radford of LiveScience), it has now come to attention that Holmes, via his personal university page, sells his home-made video;

Booklet + Video CD £4.00
My Camcorder obtained Fairy like images in the heather on Ilkley Moor & Cottingley Beck”

As if that weren’t enough, the description of his latest book should raise of few red flags;

‘Trice Visualisation’

which describes a sort of medical condition I have for visualising a sort of frame from a Dream whilst being conscious. Intricate Patterns rotate, or the inside of a room appears to be within arms length of me, also Cartoon-like Sketches. These images only last about 40 seconds before fading and usually the experience occurs every few months on average.

Clearly Holmes has some eccentric beliefs, and as Coleman stated in her article the past activities of those who make extraordinary claims should be taken into account. Indeed, as Carl Sagan so often said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and in this case it is severely lacking.



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