From someone who was there

1 06 2007

Lots of people blogged about the opening of the Creation Museum, but the reactions of the people at the DefCon and other rallies were largely missing from the discussion. Tiffany Taylor of More Than the Sum of My Parts has plenty of pictures from the day, as well as descriptions of how they were received by visitors to the museum. Some of the more, erm, interesting interactions are described as follows;

And then there were the truly negative responses, offered almost entirely by men. One man shouted angrily all the way down the line, “You’re stupid!” Another, equally incensed, shouted, “You’re morons! You’re all a bunch of morons!” Both their faces were contorted with genuine rage; both were distracted enough by their fury that they missed the turn into the museum and had to turn around.

I guess those fellows wouldn’t agree with the chorus “And they will know we are Christians by our love…”




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