Anti-Creation Museum Carnival Now Online!

27 05 2007

The wait is over folks; head over to Pharyngula to have a look at the cream-of-the-crop from various submissions taking Ken Ham’s creationist funhouse to task. “The Dragons of Eden” and (surprisingly) “Screw the Creation Museum, Visit the AMNH!” both made the cut, so give those a look if you haven’t already. I’m off to movies for the afternoon, and then a wedding, but you can expect “Tales from Inversand,” “A T. rex by any other name,” and a post on Ornithosuchus (as well as book reviews for The Science of Jurassic Park and the Lost World and Dinosaur Systematics) in the coming days.

Oh, and for those who love red pandas, but sure to keep your eye on The Voltage Gate in the coming days. Jeremy has a series of posts coming up on the cute critters coming up, with some photography from yours truly.




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