Screw the Creation Museum, go to the AMNH!

24 05 2007

While the new Creation Museum is continually touted to be within driving distance of 2/3 of America’s population (MapQuest tells me that it’d take me 10 hours and 25 minutes over a distance of 636.74 miles; If I’m going to drive that far, I’m going to go somewhere I actually will enjoy visiting), I suspect that there are plenty of people in the New York/New Jersey area who will not be making the trip to check it out this weekend. Instead, why not visit the new Mythical Creatures exhibition (curiously opening the same weekend as the Creation Museum) at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC? The promotional website for the exhibit is already up, and promises to help uncover the origins of many myths, from mermaids to dragons, with the help of artifacts from paleontology, archeology, and biology. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it for the opening as I have a wedding to attend this weekend, but hopefully I’ll have enough scratch for train fare into the city sometime soon.




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24 05 2007

nice idea. unfortunately, it isn’t within driving distance from me (unless, that is, I drive, fly, then taxy there). Still worth linking.

24 05 2007

Thanks for the link luca; at least there’s plenty of stuff online to look at. It may very well be a traveling exhibit, so who knows, maybe you’ll eventually get to see it. Anyway, I need to get back to work on my own post for Saturday; so many myths, so little time.

24 05 2007
Jeremy Bruno

That exhibit looks awesome.

We visited the human origins exhibit earlier while at a journalism conference in March. I’d never been before that. AMNH (and the Metropolitan Museum of Art) were worth the entire trip.

25 05 2007

Thanks for the comment Jeremy; I’m hoping I get to see the exhibit soon, although at this point it’s mostly a function of time and money. I love visiting the AMNH fossil halls, and it was odd going back after I hadn’t been there in over a decade.

I’ll have to see the human origins exhibit again too; the last time I went there were mothers with strollers everywhere and I did not have a good time trying to navigate my way about.

25 05 2007

The Darwin exhibit AMNH had up last year was absolutely the most fascinating–and moving–thing I’ve ever seen in a museum.

Enjoy the wedding!

25 05 2007
Cory Tucholski

Man that looks like something I would certainly enjoy visiting. Not within driving distance from me, either. 😦 I’ll probably visit the Creation Museum, since that is within driving distance.

Dragons rule!!!!

26 05 2007

Hi Cory, hopefully the exhibit will travel, so who knows, maybe it’ll eventually make its way over. You should definitely have a look through the website, though; there’s lots of great information up there. I also just posted my contribution to a blog carnival that will hopefully straighten out some of the misconceptions AiG has spread about dragons and dinosaurs entitled “The Dragons of Eden.”

12 01 2009
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