More swimming dinosaurs

24 05 2007

Sarda’s got the story when it comes to more evidence of aquatic theropods from Spain; it’s funny how for so long it was the large sauropods that were associated with lakes, swamps, and other wet areas, but these days we find more and more theropods taking advantage of the rich habitats.

And just in case this doesn’t satisfy your daily dinosaur requirement, Secret Sex Lives of Animals has the hook into a discussion about how dinosaurs may have made the “bed-rock” (I’m horrible, I know).



2 responses

25 05 2007

at least, you focused on the swimming, and didn’t give it the title “more **cking dinosaurs” – rocking, what did you think? 😛

25 05 2007

Haha, to tell you the truth the alternate title never even occurred to me.

It’s certainly an interesting topic, and I’d love to see some of the research that was mentioned when it comes out. While birds and crocs may be fairly good analougs, I don’t think mammals should be entirely discounted either; certain body types might lend themselves to one method or another. In any case, extant animals can give us clues, but being that dinosaurs were so different from anything alive today I don’t we can say “They did it just like birds/mammals/etc.”

I do wonder about stegosaurs, however, and if the females could somehow flatten their plates for the males. While such a technique wouldn’t work for defense (it appears the plates were blood filled, so it would be foolish to present them to a predator) if certain stegosaurs did have some control over their plates and could flatten them a bit, it would be interesting. Then again, even if they didn’t they obviously were able to make little dinosaurs, so I won’t put all my money on one hypothesis.

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