Carnival Time

24 05 2007

Things have been a little slow on here over the past two days, but there’s still plenty of great stuff happening on the blogosphere. Go check out Tangled Bank #80 at Geek Counterpoint and Four Stone Hearth over at Greg Laden’s blog; both are chock-full of linky goodness and contain a double-helping of recent posts by yours truly.

Also, if you haven’t already, submit your AiG Creation Museum-themed posts to PZ by Saturday for the mini-carnival. I’ll have something on dinos, dragons, mammoths, and the reproductive organs of extant mammoth relatives, but that one will have to wait for when I have some more time to write tonight.




2 responses

25 05 2007

I wrote one on creationism and homeschooling. Looking forward to your post!

25 05 2007

Thanks Molly; I’m almost done with it. I’m trying very hard to tie together Thomas Jefferson, dinosaurs, 50’s pop cinema, the Bible, and naughty bits both fossilized and implied. Hopefully I’ll have it all done when I get home from work.

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