Gosse’s “Creation (Omphalos)” online!

18 05 2007

Thanks to the efforts of John Wilkins (of Evolving Thoughts fame) you can now see Philip Henry Gosse’s Omphalos [or Creation (Omphalos), as the book may have originally been called] in its entirety online! It’s a very large pdf, so give it some time to load (and if you try and save it, God help you), but it’s certainly worth a look. For my review of Gosse’s painful prose, you can refer back to this post, although it is something that must be experienced to be truly believed. Here’s a sample of Gosse’s rhetorical style, acting as a personal tourguide during the first hour of creation (where, like Woody Allen in Annie Hall, he can conjure up experts on any given topic at will);

See this Horse, a newly created, really wild Horse,

“Wild as the wild deer, and untaught,
With spur and bridle undefiled,”-

his sleek coat a dun-mouse colour, with a black stripe running down his back, and with a full black mane and tail. He has a wild spiteful glance; and his eye, and his lips now and then drawn back displaying his teeth, indicate no very amiable temper. Still, we want to look at those teeth of his. Please to moderate your rancour, generous Dobbin, and let us make an inspection of their condition!




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1 06 2007

[…] in the book. Indeed, at one point Sternberg’s memoirs echo Phillip Henry Gosse’s Omphalos, asking the reader to join him on the shores of a Kansas ocean during the Cretaceous to watch […]

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