Thank You For Smoking was right!

11 05 2007

Truth can be stranger than fiction; the MPAA has announced that any movie that contains “pervasive” smoking outside of a historic context may receive a higher rating. Indeed, the folks at the MPAA are once again trying to tell everyone what’s best for them, having a huge impact on the content and success of movies (even though they claim they don’t). While it wasn’t the best documentary ever, if you’re interested I would recommend checking outThis Film Is Not Yet Rated, which takes a critical look at who is making these decisions and how the ratings process is terribly biased.

This news reminds me of the various discussions in Thank You For Smoking involving getting smoking back into movies and then an anti-smoking advocates revisionist attempts to get all depictions of smoking out of the media. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to inhale someone else’s smoke when I go out to a restaurant or in public places, but when the MPAA considers giving a movie a higher rating because they feel it has too much smoking, that’s a bit silly.




One response

11 05 2007

Everyone needs to ask themselves one question, ‘Am I dumb enough to start smoking because of a movie?’ … if the answer is yes, than you’ve got other problems. The government is trying to regulate everything in our lives and keep us alive longer so we can work longer and pay more taxes to fund their endless wars. Bastards.

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