More Zoo Photos; Bears, Peafowl, & Otters

11 05 2007

Last weekend some friends and I visited the Bronx Zoo (thanks Tim!) and I snagged a few shots; nothing incredibly dazzling or new, but I thought a few people might enjoy them. First up, a tiger I had not previously seen before, although I’m not sure whether this is one recently brought to the zoo or one that I just never ran into previously;

New Tiger

Tiger Drink

As always, the black leopards of Jungle World were fast asleep, although I did manage to get a halfway decent photo this time (although I’d need to remove the crease from the glass in the background);

Black Leopard

I did get to see the otters, however, which are not typically out when I come to visit;


The second time I ever visited the zoo I came across an amazing sight; two Blesbok fighting during the beginnings of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately I hadn’t seen them since then, but I did manage to get this picture during my last visit;


The giraffes were out as well, although none came close enough to get a decent shot;


And of course, I couldn’t not drop by to see the cheetahs;


The grizzly bears were still playing as well, this time sloshing about in their little pool;

Bears playing

My favorite shot, however, is of one of the animals that is so ever-present in the zoo I normally don’t take the time to photograph them; a male peacock. This one was having a rest under a bush and allowed me to get close enough to get a ground-level shot;


So there you have it; like I said, nothing especially spectacular but a few good ones in the mix. I still love visiting the zoo, but when there’s hundreds of strollers being pushed about (and of course, half the children want to walk and not be in their strollers) it’s hard to have a good time. The zoo is free on Wednesdays, but unfortunately I must work and have to fight the crowds on the weekends. As cold as it was, I almost preferred visiting when it was 26 degrees in the middle of February; then it was just me and the animals and I could take as much time as I wanted. As a whole I don’t like zoos and their focus on money rather than conservation, but I am glad that I live close enough to one of the exceptions that I can visit almost anytime.



3 responses

11 05 2007

Yay! More zoo pictures! I am happy.

12 05 2007
Jeremy Bruno

Wow, Brian. Those are some beautiful photos. What kind of camera are you using?

I’m with ya on visiting zoos in the off-season; my fiancé and I make a point of it. Midsummer National Zoo-going is enough to drive anyone insane.

12 05 2007

Thanks for the compliments guys!

Jeremy- I use an Olympus Evolt E-300, usually with an Zuiko 40-150mm zoom autofocus lens. It’s really easy to use (I actually have yet to read the manual) and it’s given me some great shots (my living room is dotted with my favorite big cat photos). These pictures aren’t actually my best; if you want a look at some of my better stuff you should click the “photography” tag on the bottom left of the blog.

I actually visited the National Zoo a few weeks ago (again, check out the photography tag for the pics); it was pretty neat, although there were just too many strollers about after 11 AM. I was really impressed with how they let their orangs swing around the zoo on the special platforms and ropes; that was something I had never seen before.

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