New Jersey Science Bloggers?

8 05 2007

A thought just struck me (ow!); how many other residents of New Jersey are science bloggers? I know NJ is supposed to be a “blue state” and not have any problems with accepting science, but as I have experienced myself (and as others have pointed out) my home state isn’t as up-on-science as would be assumed. I did a superficial google search for New Jersey blogs & carnivals and didn’t notice anything science-oriented, but I’m hoping that somehow some other people find this post and we can get a bit more organized.

Speaking of science & New Jersey, anyone who’s interested should attend the state’s Science Weekend at the state museum in Trenton, especially on May 19th. The lectures for that day will include:

Jason Schein explaining “How to Dig Up A Giant Dinosaur,” Dr. William Gallagher recounting his experiences “Fossil Collecting in China’s Feathered Dinosaur Beds,” Rodrigo Pellegrini describing “Skeletal Chronology: How Fossil Animals Grew,” Gregory Lattanzi speaking about “Archaeology of New Jersey: The History of Prehistory in the Garden State,” and David Parris telling of “Giant Ice Age Mammals Dredged from the Jersey Shore.” Other presenters include independent scholar Patricia Kane-Vanni on “Dinosaur Collecting in Egypt.”

Sounds like fun!




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